Here is a safe, natural solution to nighttime body heat discomfort -

       (without giving up being warm and cozy in your bed)


Introduction for hot flashers or hot sleepers:
If you are a healthcare provider:


We offer two ways to control the Night Bliss wind

The 'Cool Sleep' wired slide control relieves the most common types of hot sleep discomfort.

  • Designed for varying periods of excess body heat
  • Simple On/Off slider works like lamp dimmer
  • Gives precise control over strength of cooling wind

Ok, next choice...How many fans do you need for optimal comfort?

Think - What's the maximum amount of wind power you want  available when you feel hot?


The patented 'Cool Flash' wireless button was specifically designed for hot flashers.

'Cool Flash' models start a powerful burst of cooling air that is timed to shut off before you chill. Precisely counteracts the intense discomfort of predictable duration, internal heat eruptions usually associated with lowered estrogen levels.

  • Delivers strong, immediate, On-Demand relief.
  • Wind power and duration are pre-programmed to match the time and intensity of your specific 'flash' episodes. Easily modified as needed.
  • A single button activates the cooling cycle as often as necessary during the night. Timer auto resets after each use.