Exchanges and Upgrades

We understand that for most people this product is a new concept with little previous personal experience to help guide purchase decisions. It's anticipated that the first unit ordered may not prove to be the best choice for a given sleep discomfort. In consideration of this, we offer the following options to our customers:

Case One: You have purchased a 2 Fan unit and wish the greater power of our 3 Fan unit.

Case Two: You purchased a 'Cool Flash' model and now prefer to set the power level from a wired slider, giving up the Auto-Off Timer & Wireless Button. Essentially selecting the 'Cool Sleep' over the 'Cool Flash' controller.

For the above situations:

  • Request RMA number and return your current unit to us according to our Return Options

  • We will either charge or credit your account for the difference

  • You pay the shipping charges incurred for the exchange

  • We will extend the trial period to 45 days (total) to test the new unit

Case Three: You have purchased the 'Cool Sleep' slide controller and decide you want the Auto-Off Timer and Wireless Button.

In this situation you have a choice. You may:

  • Follow the steps outlined above to return your existing unit, or

  • Purchase the add-on Timer/Wireless Button combo and replace the slide controller you currently use. It's easy and it has exactly the same features as the 'Cool Flash' model.

Case Four: The standard Support Brace accessory does not fit your bed because your mattress is too thick, (greater than 19") or cannot accommodate the 22" long vertical brace component.

  • Just purchase the Extra Long Support Brace or request a modification of the standard brace to shorten the vertical bracket to the thickness of your top mattress. Use the shipping box to return the original brace cover the shipping charge back to us for the exchange.

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