Should You Try It?

Will it work for me and my bed?

While there are more similarities than differences among woman experiencing hot flashing at night, 3 key aspects of your specific situation will determine whether or not it makes sense to try our product. Here are the few key questions to ask yourself before ordering Night Bliss:

How miserable are you?

While Night Bliss is not the most expensive of the bed-based cooling relief options, it certainly isn’t in the impulse buy category. We intended our "Active Air' solution for women really distressed by frequent sleep disruptions and suggest the following 'misery guideline' to help you decide if this is the best solution for your discomfort:

Are you having hot flash episodes at least 3-4 times per night? And, do you think they cost you at least 1-2 hours of sleep per night? If so, then we think you should look at the next 2 guideline questions. If it's not, then low power, passive bed fan products may solve your problem at lower cost.

Can I use it with an unconventional bed style, like adjustables?

We have tried to design Night Bliss to be compatible with most bed styles – and it should be. All that’s really required is a mattress that uses conven­tional sheets that can be tucked in underneath and a bed design that doesn’t prevent air from reaching the rear of the fan housing (if you have questions, may we suggest you check out our installation videos covering both normal and footboard style installations – click here to view them. Our optional mounting brace does have some design limitations as to the 19” maximum mattress thickness that our standard brace can be used with. A custom brace size can be requested from our customer service department for a nominal charge.

I share my bed with 4-legged family member(s). Is this be a problem?

Well… maybe. Clearly any non-human bed-mate can settle itself somewhere between you and your cooling fan. In fact it's ironically comical that cats usually choose to lay right up against it like a sandbag. But even a small adorable kitten would be enough weight to keep some amount of the cooling air from reaching you. If you aren’t willing or able to shove your pet away from the fan when you need it, our product won’t be much help. It's certainly your choice, but sometimes, it comes down to priorities. In our view we think you should see what you'd be missing before deciding whether its worth it to gently shove your pet out of the way for a few minutes of blessed relief. Your call.