How much Air and Fan Noise does this system make when operating?

Air Blast Power

Next time you’re a passenger in a vehicle on a non-windy, cool-ish (60-65deg) day (or night), ask the driver to hold the speed steady at 10-12mph. Stick your head out the window and feel the wind on your face. That’s what Night Bliss will feel like - in your bed. Is that enough to relieve hot flash distress? We've been told repeatedly by our early customers that it is; -in fact, its more. We're told its a totally blissful experience. So now we're wondering if there's anything else you can make happen this fast and easily, in your bed in the dark, that feels this good, that often?.

Mild Wind Noise

As measured by a sound level meter – about 52db. Technically accurate – but for most of us, probably not informative. How about this: The average home background noise level is about 50db and conversational speech is 60db. More helpful? For a reasonable idea of the noise level, Night Bliss makes about the same wind noise as a low-noise bathroom exhaust fan (48db)Sure, it would be great to have a low profile, high airflow, on-demand wind tunnel under bed sheets that was also as quiet as a library (40db) or better yet, almost silent (30db- the noise level in a quiet bedroom). And if it was technically feasible, we would have designed our product that way. (Actually, we did try that approach before we saw what it looked like (see photos on About Us page). Yes, comically obtrusive for a sellable, in-bed machine, but it was quiet.

Bottom line -

If you’re a light sleeper next to a hot flashing mate, you’ll hear it kick on – probably wake up briefly. If you’re watching TV, you may have to turn up the volume a notch. But remember, if you’re the one having the hot flash, you’re already awake so the wind noise is a non-issue. Your sleeping companion (if you have one) may, or may not be aware you turned it on. The majority of spouses we asked said that while they did briefly hear it, they were able to easily tune it out and quickly return to sleep. Furthermore, even if aware, most didn’t mind the noise (typically only ‘on’ for about 3 minutes) because they knew their hot flashing mate REALLY needed that cooling blast of air – which as a bonus, actually feels quite incredible during a flash. In our opinion, we think a little noise in exchange for what Night Bliss offers is a reasonable tradeoff. If you decide try Night Bliss, and you find the wind noise too intrusive, feel free to send it back.