Will I need Courtesy Bars? 

Courtesy Bars and Support Brace are important accessories

The Courtesy Bars are intended to isolate the cooling wind to your side of the bed. If you share your bed with a spouse (for example), he, or she might not want your breeze over them when they don't feel hot.

The Support Brace was designed to prevent the dislocation of the fan housing if you should accidentally try to kick it off the end of the bed. This could occur if the combination of your height and mattress length permit you to easily reach the end of the mattress with your feet - and you are restless.

Both these items are now included with all Night Bliss shipments. However our convenient washable fabric covers for the Courtesy Bars are an option that is not needed in order to use the tubes as shipped. You may elect to buy them separately at a later date if you feel they would be useful. Or, make your own.