Why does it cost more?

Why does Night-Bliss cost more than other bed fans on the market?

Night Bliss generates 7 times more air than the other bed fans. By using 3 ultra high output industrial fans in parallel, we achieve a 10-12mph wind speed over your body three seconds after you hit the button. That's serious wind power. Also, the wireless power control and timer electronics that allow the easy programming of ‘on’ time was custom designed and built for your total convenience. Those of you who need this will find it one of the best values in a life enhancement product you have ever used. In fact, we guarantee it. If you don’t agree, Please- send it back, with our thanks for being willing to give it a try. We're serious about relieving the distress caused by night hot flashing. And, if you are also serious about finally getting some real relief and recovery of lost sleep, nothing else on the market can do for you what this fan does.